Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011


Yahoo Portable Hacking Tools (ALL IN ONE)
Yahoo Hacking Portable Tools is used on Hacking Yahoo messenger activity. This Tools have some Softwarea that are:

1. Emo Creator
Tools to create Icon
2. Fake Pager
Yahoo Messenger application is a useful False to steal user names and password.
3. Password Magic
Trojan used to steal passwords
4. Yahoo Booter.
Applications for other boot chating
5. Yahoo Fake Cam
Tools to deceive opponents chat with Cam False
6. Yahoo Fake Login
Fake Yahoo Login Page for passwords your users that will send to email
7. Yahoo Stealler Pass
Trojan Builder to steal passwords
8. Yahoo Hack
Fake Yahoo Messenger
9. Yahoo Pass Crack
Crack Yahoo Password others
10. Yahoo Password Recovery
To find out password and username of user’s Yahoo Messenger


Password: h4ck3v1l

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